AT A GLANCE – what is our mission?
We keep you updated with regard to the news of the tour business; we perform an unbiased evaluation of events; we make upfront and honest statements; we analyze the facts and check them thoroughly; what's more, sometimes we even predict the course of events in the tour industry. We are indeed newsworthy…
Our audience
On average, our website has 60 thousand visits daily.
About 100 thousand views.
72% of our audience read us from their mobile devices.
According to our estimates, half of our audience are specialists of the tour industry and tour business, while half of our audience are those who are interested in the travel events. Scroll reach is more than 2 screens.
Average time spent on the website is 2.5 minutes.
The core audience of are specialists of the tour business who stay tuned at all times.
Breakdown by countries:
90% are from Russia. Among the top five countries are Greece, Turkey, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the USA.
Through towns and cities of Russia:
32% – Moscow, Moscow Region.
21.8% – St-Petersburg and Leningrad Region.
The following regions are among the leaders: Khabarovsk Krai, Krasnodar Krai, Tula Region, Sverdlovsk Region and Crimea.
From 35 to 54 years old – 58%; 55+ years old – 21,8%; from 18 to 34 years old – 20,3%.
Brothers and sisters of
Telegram Channel Krysha Tourdoma
«Our discovery of 2021»! This is a resource with an involved audience of more than thirty thousand followers. The channel has more than 130 thousand views per day. On days of high-profile events significant for the tour business, the views increase to 300 thousand.
Up to 6 thousand people take part in the polls. On average, discussions feature 1300 comments per day.
Online journal Hotline.Travel
Here, we go as far as long reads and deep analyses. Though the audience is not as wide as on other resources, it is highly intended – there are at least 5.5 thousand visits per day.
Tourdom social media
Brand group VKontakte – 27.529 followers.
Yandex Zen – 46.500 followers.
Our customers trust their image and advertising campaigns to us
What's more, we create beautiful brand and project stories
St. Petersburg Tourism Development Committee
Lujo Bodrum Hotel
ANO "Russia is a country of opportunities"
Costa Cruises
Insurance company "Arsenal"
Selectum Noa Resort Cam Ranh
Which formats show best results?
We have banners, a highly efficient pop-up (emerging advertising block at the bottom of the page) and a crawline (placed under the name of the website on all pages). We know how to write interesting texts and we particularly love interviews and photo reportages. Interactive formats – such as polls and quizzes in telegram channel "Krysha Tourdoma" and online live events at – are very popular. Among other things, we offer budget-friendly options, for example advance advertisements or posts in social groups. We create an individual promotion project for each of our partners!
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